Please forgive me for this brief post. I’m sure I will talk about this again soon. I have just come home from a 12 hour night shift and this thought has been burning to be written down so here goes.


A few months back I seriously asked myself for really the first time “Am I a feminist?”. Up to that point I had always assumed I sort of was, to the point that I thought that everyone should be equal. I had a hardcore feminist teacher in Highschool who was constantly going on about “girl power” and feminism and had very strong views. I admit I was a bit put off by her because she seemed to me to be going too far, pushing down men further than they really should be to be equal. My adult mind now thinks that if I was to hear her now I would be much more sympathetic to her views.


Just this last month I read my first book on feminism. I was inspired by the whole “elevator gate” chain of events and came to realize from other blog posts that I was less educated on feminism as I probably should be. So I read a great book called “Full Frontal Feminism” and I really enjoyed it. I came to realize that I have been a feminist all along.


To me the core of feminism is so obvious that I have to think how can anyone disagree with this. I think it’s bullshit that I might get a call one day saying my mother, or my sisters or my daughter if I ever have one has been Raped. I think it’s Bullshit that they might come home crying because of words that others call them that are so hurtful that it defies description and makes them feel worthless. I think it’s BULLSHIT that people in government or in religion feel that they should be able to make decisions about the reproductive rights and bodies of anyone else. I think it’s BULLSHIT that if something ever happened to them that people would say that they were asking for it because of where they happened to be, what they happened to be wearing or because of the lifestyle that they have. I THINK IT’S BULLSHIT THAT ANYONE HAS TO BE AFRAID OF DEATH, INJURY OR BEING AN OUTCAST EVEN IN THEIR OWN FAMILY FOR WHO THEY ARE, WHO THEY LOVE, OR WHAT THEY CHOOSE TO BELIEVE, AND THAT ANYONE ON EARTH MIGHT THINK THAT IS ACCEPTABLE FOR THEIR LOVED ONES.


Really, Is this the type of world we want to create for our mothers, sisters, daughters? 


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